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Assessors Mission Statement
To discover, identify, value and assess all taxable real and personal property in order to produce the secured and unsecured assessment rolls. To fairly and accurately apply exemptions, exclusions and to defend valuations and assessments before the Assessment Appeals Board.
What We Do - Assessors Responsibilities
Has the responsibility for discovering and assessing all property within the County as required by law.
Must produce and deliver an assessment roll by July 1 each year. The assessment roll becomes the base upon which local property taxes are levied, collected and distributed to the cities, County and special districts to fund government services.
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Values real property.
Audits entities doing business in the County and values all taxable personal property.
Establishes and maintains a set of 4,900 maps for assessment purposes, delineating every parcel of land in the County. These maps serve as the basis for the assessment of all real property in Santa Barbara County and are continuously updated to reflect new subdivisions and surveys. These maps are available for review and may be purchased at the Assessor's Office.
Provides a public information service to assist taxpayers with questions about property ownership and assessment. Information on recent property sales is also available. In addition, property characteristic information is available for purchase by the public.
What the Assessor Does Not Do
Does not set property tax rates.
Does not compute property tax bills.
Does not mail out tax bills.
Does not collect property taxes.
Does not establish property tax laws.
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