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Welfare Exemption Claim Forms
Exemption Property Use Report (pdf)
BOE-262-AH Church Exemption
BOE-263 Lessors Exemption
BOE-263-C Church Lessors’ Exemption
BOE-264-AH College Exemption
BOE-265 Cemetery Exemption
BOE-267 Welfare Exemption (First Filing)
BOE-267-S Religious Exemption
BOE-268-A Public School Exemption
BOE-268-B Free Public Library or Free Museum
BOE-269-AH Veterans' Organization Exemption Claim
BOE-231-AH Change in Eligibility or Termination Notice
BOE-236 Exemption Of Leased Property Used Exclusively For Low-Income Housing
BOE-236-A Supplemental Affidavit for BOE-236, Housing—Lower-Income Households
BOE-237-A Supplemental Affidavit for BOE-237, Housing—Lower-Income Households
BOE-267-H Supplemental Affidavit, Housing—Elderly and Handicapped Families
BOE-267-H-A Elderly or Handicapped Families, Family Household Income Reporting Worksheet
BOE-267-L Supplemental Affidavit, Housing—Lower-Income Household
BOE-267-L-A Lower Income Households, Family Household Income Reporting Worksheet
BOE-267-L1 Supplemental Affidavit, Low-Income Housing Property of Limited Partnership
BOE-267-L2 Supplemental Affidavit, Housing – Lower Income Households Tenant Data
BOE-267-L3 Supplemental Affidavit, Households Exceeding Low-Income Limits-“Over Income” Tenant Data
BOE-267-0 Supplemental Affidavit, Organizations and Persons Using Claimant’s Real Property
BOE-267-R Supplemental Affidavit, Rehabilitation—Living Quarters
Other Assessor Claim Forms
BOE-58-AH Reassessment Exclusion for Transfer Between Parent and Child
BOE-58-G Reassessment Exclusion for Transfer From Grandparent to Grandchild
BOE-60-AH Transfer of Base Year Value to Replacement Dwelling for Person(s) at least 55
BOE-62 Transfer of Base Year Value to Replacement Dwelling for Disabled Persons
BOE-62-A Disabled Person(s) Certificate of Disability
BOE-261-G Disabled Veterans' Property Tax Exemption
BOE-261-GNT Disabled Veterans' Exemption Change of Eligibility Report
BOE-266 Homeowners' Property Tax Exemption (English and Spanish)
BOE-502-D Change in Ownership Statement, Death of Real Property Owner
BOE-502-A Preliminary Change of Ownership Report (pdf)
BOE-502-AH Change of Ownership Statement
For more Assessor Claim Forms, click here
Parcel Split Request Form (pdf)
Radius Request Form (pdf)
Parcel Combine Request Form (pdf)
Assessor Parcel Maps on CD (pdf)
GIS Basemap Data Request (pdf)
Area Calculation Order Form (pdf)
Miscellaneous / Other
Assessor Fee Schedule (pdf)
Agent Authorization Form (pdf)
Real Property Change of Mailing Address Request (pdf)
Business Property Change of Mail Address Request (pdf)
Property Characteristics Request Form (pdf)
Reassessment of Property Due to Damage
Disaster Relief Application (Section 170) (pdf)
Request for Informal Review
Request for Informal Review January 1, 2019 (pdf)
Credit Card Authorization
Credit Card Authorization Form (pdf)
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  Introduction to Supplemental Assessments
  Other Property Tax Programs
  bullet Property Tax Highlights
  bullet Prop 60 - Transfer of Base Year Value for persons 55 or over or severely and permanently disabled.
  bullet Informational Brochure
  bullet Claim Form (BOE-60-AH)
  bullet Prop 58 - Exclusion for transfers between parents and children and from grandparents to grandchildren.
  bullet Informational Brochure
  bullet Claim for Reassessment Exclusion for Transfer Between Parent and Child (BOE-58-AH)
  bullet Claim for Reassessment Exclusion for Transfer From Grandparent to Grandchild (BOE-58-G)
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