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Marriage License Online Application

All licenses must be completed in person at the County Clerk’s Office.

The application is only the first step of the process. Using our Online Marriage License Application reduces your processing time at our counter.

Please complete all fields to the best of your ability. Information for fields marked with asterisks must be provided. When you have completed the on-line portion please come into the County Clerk’s Office with valid, government-issued, photo ID to complete the marriage license process. For information on the location of our branch offices (click here.) An appointment is not required for marriage license applications. If you would like the County Clerk to perform your marriage ceremony please call 805-568-2251 to make an appointment. Minors less than 18 years of age should proceed to the counter since their application cannot be processed online.

  • With this application, you are applying for a public marriage license issued pursuant to Family Code Section 359.
  • When you sign your license, you are stating under penalty of perjury that you are unmarried, that the information you have provided is true and correct and that there is no legal objection to the marriage.
  • Please review the information provided below pertaining to the New Names (If Any) fields, and understand the information in the new name fields cannot be changed or amended after the license is issued by this office.
  • Effective October 27, 2008, marriage applicants may identify themselves as Groom, Bride or neither as each party wishes. The parties to marriage will be required to inform the County Clerk at the time they apply for their marriage license whether they would like to be identified as Groom, Bride, or neither.
  • You may be married anywhere in California in the presence of at least one witness, and your marriage must be solemnized by a person authorized to perform marriages in California as provided for in Family Code Sections 400-401. If you wish to make an appointment to be married by the County Clerk’s Office in Santa Barbara, Santa Maria or Lompoc, please click here.
  • Marriage licenses are valid for 90 days from the date of issuance. You must be married on or after the issuance date, and on or before the expiration date of the license. Licenses not used within this timeframe are void.
  • No refunds are given for marriage licenses purchased in error.
  • The cost of this application for a public marriage license is payable to County of Santa Barbara Clerk-Recorder by cash, credit card or check.


One or both parties to a marriage may elect to change the middle or last names by which that party wishes to be known after they are married by entering the new name, as applicable, on the marriage license application at the time they are applying for the marriage license. The parties may choose any of the following middle or last names as the name they wish to be known as after marriage [FC § 306.5(b)(2)]:

  • Current last name of the other applicant
  • Last name of either applicant given at birth
  • A name combining into a single last name all or a segment of the current last name or last name of either applicant given at birth
  • A hyphenated combination of last names

IMPORTANT: You may not change your first name using this process. You may not amend the marriage license after it has been issued to add or change the name you wish to be known as after you are married. The name you indicate on the marriage license application will be your name on the marriage license/certificate and cannot be changed by the County Clerk. If prior to marriage the couple wants to change or add the new name(s) shown on the marriage license, they can bring the old license to the County Clerk to have it voided, then apply and pay for a new marriage license.

You are not required to change your name, nor are parties required to have the same name.

If one or both parties do not wish to identify a new name on the marriage license, you may leave these fields blank.

The marriage certificate is used by multiple local, state, federal and private agencies, each of which have different rules and/or regulations regarding what documents are acceptable to change your name on their records following marriage. It is recommended that you contact these agencies to verify their requirements prior to applying for your marriage license.

It is unlawful for our employees to answer questions of a legal nature. County Clerk staff cannot advise you how to complete the marriage license application as it relates to your entry of a new name or retention of your former name on the marriage license application. For your protection, if you have any questions regarding whether you should or should not list your new name on the marriage license application, and/or how the Name Equality Act of 2007 may affect you, please consult an attorney prior to applying for your marriage license. Click here to read the Name Equality Act of 2007 and click here to read the Name Equality Act of 2007 Clarification.